When Diesel walked into the room, his essence took my breath away.  It was like looking at Louis for the first time all over again.  He was tall, with a beautiful white smile, mocha colored skin, black hair with deep waves, and soft brown eyes that could melt any woman’s heart.

      “You are gorgeous,” I complimented him.

      “And you as well,” he responded, shutting the door behind him. 

      He padded over silently with all the majestic grace and power of a lion.  I gazed up at him, mesmerized.

      He stood in front of me, smiling slightly.  His scent, rich with spices, went straight to my head.  The lust it inspired flashed through me, budding my nipples and setting a drumming beat throbbing between my legs.

      He knew because he leaned towards me, the heat of his body searing mine.  Slowly he started to unbutton my blouse.  “Let’s start with a breast exam,” he said.

      “Are you really a doctor?”

      “I’m whatever you want me to be,” he answered, now removing my bra and licking my nipples.  As his tongue flickered over the taut tips, giving each one a generous amount of attention, I could barely breathe from excitement.  My body was tightening with anticipation; breasts throbbing and silver sparks of fierce pleasure shooting through me.

      “Take off your panties,” he growled.  “Strip for me.”

      Awash with sexual desire, I unbuttoned my pants, dropped them to the floor, and stepped out of them with a flourish.

      “Oh yeah,” Diesel grinned.  “Go baby, go!”

      Turning my back to him, I hooked my thumbs into the band of my panties.  Then, giggling at him while throwing a saucy look over my shoulder, I gave him the classic sexy bump and grind.

      “Oh, hell yeah!”  His cock was bulging, and he couldn’t take his eyes off me.  “Go, baby, go!”

      Stepping away from him, I danced as I wiggled my panties down.  Still dancing, I took them off and tossed them in his direction.

      Diesel caught them, and placed them on the desk.  He smiled and started toward me.  “I want you,” he growled.

      “Stay boy,” I taunted him.  “You have to take your clothes off too,” I demanded, as I draped myself across the bed.

      He smiled and started to dance for me while removing his clothing.  With the dimmed lighting in the room, his skin glistened; his abs were perfectly carved, showing his immaculate six-pack physique, and his dick was long and thick.  I loved the way it danced for me as well.

      He came to a halt by the bed, that wild spiced scent sending my senses reeling again.

      “You’re beautiful,” he murmured.

      With the soft cotton sheets underneath my back and the fluffy pillow behind my head, I felt encased in luxury.  He positioned himself between my thighs and ran his finger through the soft tangle of silk.  The light touch shimmered through me, tightening my breath.

      “Let’s play,” he whispered.

      Dipping into the end table, he pulled out a vibrator.  The low buzz had me panting at the promise of the pleasure to come.

      “Lie back,” he growled.  “This is for you, babe.”

      He touched the gently buzzing toy to my belly, teasing as he ran it over my quivering skin.  My nipples were sharp as pebbles, puckered with excitement.  My breath was bursting from me in fast gasps.  My body tensed, arching in wanton desire. 

      “Sweet baby,” he whispered, as he touched the vibrator to my secret center.  Instantly pleasure washed through me.  A web of shimmering darts of delight connected lips to nipples and clit, eliciting waves of pleasure that shortened my breath and half shut my eyes.

      “Creamy,” he chuckled.

      I spread my legs, arching into that delight.  “More,” I begged.  “Don’t stop!”

      “God, you’re tight.”

      “Make me cum, please!”

      The sweetly buzzing toy was sending wave after wave of bliss washing through me.  My legs were shaking, and I couldn’t control my whimpering moans.

      “More!  Please, more!”

      I was arching my body dancing to the rhythm that invaded and possessed my senses.

      “You’re so fucking beautiful.”  The whispered loving words went straight to my heart.  Fixing my eyes on his handsome face, drowning in the dark eyes, I gave myself over to pleasure.

      The perfume of hot spices enveloped me, adding an exotic edge to my escalating lust.  The buzz swelled, its speed driving me on, deeper into the sea of euphoria. 

      “Now, baby.  Release that love for me!”

      On his command, I was soaring and shattering in screaming release.  With wild waves of joy and moaning, I drank in his face, blazing with lust. 

      As he stood, displaying a smile of accomplishment, he told me that I was free to lay in the bed to recover.  Diesel also told me that I was free to take a shower before leaving. 

      I watched as he re-dressed himself, tucking his semi-hard cock into his pants, and disappeared out of the door.  I laid there for a few moments thinking about how something so wrong could feel good.

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