He called my bluff and pulled off his shirt eagerly.  He didn’t respond, but I could tell that he was anxious to show me that he could indeed, ‘walk the walk’.  He had a fire in his eyes – a lustful, ravenous look – that I was excited to harness in my favor.

      I kicked off my heels and pushed him up against the wall, my fingernails digging into his bare chest firmly.  I held him there as I swung my hips slowly and sensually, my free hand working the clasp loose on my garter, dipping my hips as I pulled one stocking off and then the other.  I then started to pull my panties down – down past my thick thighs, slowly down my smooth legs, until they reached my ankles.  I kicked them away from where we were standing, and I placed my finger on my clit, gently rubbing the moistness that had begun to dribble from my secret garden.

      Then, I brought my wet finger to Rodney’s lips and rubbed it against them.  Immediately, he opened his lips and took my finger into his mouth gracefully.  His eyes closed, and he sucked on my finger sensually – smiling.

      “So sweet.  Soooo, satisfying,” he grunted, grinning.

      “Then have more of a taste,” I told him, placing my hand on his head, nudging him down.

      He acquiesced, dropping to his knees, and burying his nose in my pussy.  He pressed lips against my dripping pussy, tasting it in his mouth without a second thought.  I loved it – a confident, no-nonsense man who wasn’t afraid of a woman’s sexual appetite.  Gripping the back of his head, I held him firmly in place as his tongue doused my lips in his spit, licking and sucking enthusiastically on me.  His rough beard grazed the insides of my thighs, but I loved his scruffy, manly look much too much to be bothered.

      I felt his tongue snake into my creamy center, his nose nudging my nub each time he tried to dig further into me.  I moaned, squealing as I felt him press into me eagerly.  His desperate impatience was endearing, and so, so, so arousing.  My hands against his trembling, heated face, I could feel how much he wanted me…how desperate he was to taste me between his lips.

      Rocking my hips against his face, I looked down at him and realized how good looking he was.  His dark chocolate skin that shined in the soft light, his muscular physique, and all the tattoos that decorated his body lured me into him.  Although he was older, he was quite the lover.

      “Fuck me,” I whimpered, needing to know if his package was large enough to satisfy my needs.

      Rodney didn’t need a second invitation.  Pulling his tongue away from my creaminess, he wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand and turned me against the wall.  I felt his manhood press against my pussy, his thick head pulling me apart.  I heaved, panting as I felt him begin to enter me, an inch at a time.

      The girth of his manhood was incredible, instantly filling my sweet spot.  “Go slow,” I told him.  Yes, Louis had a thick and long dick, but it didn’t compare to what Rodney was forcing into my tightness.

      He listened, easing into me gradually.  He was so fucking thick.  I could feel myself being pulled open, struggling to take all of him in.  But it felt amazing.  I was being filled completely.  It was like nothing I’d ever felt before – he was finding all the spots inside of me I never knew existed.  Dammit!

      Slowly, he began thrusting his hardness into me.  His balls slapped against my heated nub, jolting it each time he thrust his cock up to its hilt into me.  His rod throbbed and pulsed like a fire between my legs, stretching me and filling me up entirely.  Any discomfort had disappeared, and I began thrusting my hips back against him, wanting more of is rod lodged deep inside of me.                                                        

      His hands reached around me, grabbing at my breasts through my blouse and groping me.  I held his hands in mine, leading him to my perky, erect nipples, and wrapping his fingers around them.  He rolled them between his fingers and squeezed them just the right way, with me guiding him.  I was in euphoria.

      “Is this what you imagined it to be,” he asked, whispering in my ear.

      “Nowhere close,” I confessed.  “Since my husband passed away, I have only dealt with younger men because I felt that they were the ones with stamina and girth.”  Rodney was making my body react in ways I can’t even explain.

      “Well now,” he said, disappointed.

      “That’s a good thing,” I whispered.  “When you’re ready to cum, tell me,” I told him.  “I want to see how far you are willing to go to make me happy.”

      He nodded, grunting as his hardness continue to impale my insides.  I felt his hips begin to thrust into me at a lightning pace, and I felt his hands tighten around my breasts.  His hips began to shudder, and I heard him groaning.

      “I’m close,” he told me.

      To his surprise, I pulled myself off his dick suddenly. Kneeling to the ground, I grabbed his cream-covered cock in my hand and began bobbing my fist on his shaft as fast as I could.  I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed, his head leaning back as he lost himself in my sensual massage on his rock-hard dick.

      When I saw his thighs tense and sensed that he was about to cum, I wrapped my lips tightly around his hardness and waited for his nectar to spurt into my mouth.  Like clockwork, I felt jets of his warm, thick cum unload into my mouth.  When he was finished, I surprised him by standing up, still visibly holding his warm, white cream in my mouth.

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