“While Bullet is helping them train the ladies for battle, why don’t you shimmer us back to our realm where I can take you on a shopping spree?” I heard Gethambe say to Ashley.  “Besides, our babies are going to need the proper necessities to come into this world, especially if we have to bring them here from time to time.”

            “Serenity turned out fine,” I snapped. 

            “Did she have a choice?” he asked in a threatening voice.

            “Blame that other bitch you married.  She was the one who placed a bounty on Ashley’s head,” I told him.

            “What?” he asked.

            “Oooo, you didn’t know, Papa Smurf,” I chuckled.  “You mean to tell me that the man who see’s all and knows all didn’t have a clue that he was sleeping with the enemy?”

            “How do you know this?” he released Ashley from his grip and walked towards me with his chest poked out.

            “Because she solicited GG for the job,” I answered.

            “Lies!” he yelled.  “Ashley was of no threat to her.  Why would she want her out of the picture?”

            “Watch your tongue, Thunder Cat, because the women that you speak of is my sister,” Rouge stated.

            I didn’t answer Rouge, instead, I sent for GG and her crew.  They knew how they got into Achaemenid and she could tell them the details of their agreement.  I didn’t have the time or patience to sit here and listen to all the insults and be accused of being called a lie.

            When GG and her crew arrived at the temple, I looked at her and insisted that she tell them everything that she remembered about that night.

            “What are you talking about?” she questioned, looking at me in confusion.

            “Tell Gethambe what you told me about Lana asking you to help her get rid of Ashley and Serenity,” I pushed.

            “I’m sorry Bullet.  I don’t think I know what you’re talking about?” she answered.

            I looked at her in amazement, trying to figure out why she was scared to talk about the incident in front of Gethambe and his crew. 

            “Nothing is going to happen to you.  It’s okay for you to speak your truth.  Tell him how Lana came to the restaurant and asked you to rid her life of Serenity and Ashley,” I begged.

            “Are you sure that is what I told you?  Could it have been one of the other members in the restaurant and maybe you’re getting a little confused?” she asked.

            “What the fuck is going on.  Snoop?  Rango?  Moon?”

            They all looked at me with a blank stare as if this was the first time they have heard this story.  I knew then something wasn’t right.  My gut feeling said that somehow, someway, someone had mentally fucked my crew.  Somebody here wasn’t being honest, and my heart told me that Gethambe was behind it.

            “I think your girlfriend has dementia,” Gethambe laughed.

            “I know what she told me and that is how Ashley ended up here.  As a matter of fact, ask Fatima.  For some reason she still has a little respect bottled up inside of her for your people.  She will tell you what she knows,” I growled.

            “Send for Fatima,” Ashley intervene.  “I believe you,” she whispered in my head.  “My memory is kind of foggy, but I feel like she had something to do with this too.”

            “I have no reason to lie to you.  Not even if I was promised your heart, I believe that you deserve to know the truth.”

            “How could she have gotten to them?” she wondered.

            “That, I could not tell you.  If she is being held in solitary confinement in Edom, she is confined by old magic.  Besides, I don’t think Lana is smart or powerful enough to cast a spell.  She would have needed some help for that?” I responded.


            “He’s smart as far as military training and execution, but he does not have the power she would need to accomplish this.  I don’t sense that in him.  Plus, his loyalty isn’t with his sister, his bond is secure with Gethambe.”

            “Juice, Stewart, or Joker?”

            “I don’t believe so.  Let me think on it for a while.  Here comes Fatima, lets see what she remembers.”

            “You send for me, My Lady?” Fatima asked.

            “What do you know about my kidnapping?” Ashley questioned.

            “Only what GG has told me and a couple of other people, My Lady,” she answered.

            “And tell the Almighty Gethambe the story that was told to you,” I said, looking in his direction.

            “I was told that she appeared to them on the night of your wedding.  That she led them to a cavern that was connected to Achaemenid.  Lana led them into Ashley’s chamber and allowed them to take possession of her and the baby.  I believe she preferred them to be killed, but I may have not heard GG correctly,” she explained.

            “Then why do you lie, GG?” Gethambe’s voice became loud and irritable.

            “I honestly don’t remember telling such a tale,” GG answered.

            As Gethambe elevated his voice and demanded to know more, GG’s lion tried to emerge.  I could tell that it was taking all the strength that she had in her body to hold her lion at bay.

            “I want this pussy’s head on a platter,” Gethambe demanded.  “How dare she lie to a king.”

            I grew tired of the constant insults to me and my people.  I was trying desperately to get along and make this thing work, but Gethambe was pushing my buttons.

            I stood tall and strong.  I faced Gethambe and his marry band of idiots and yelled, “I am Bullet James.  I am the son of Abrey James, the once ruthless king that ruled these lands.  I am a leader, a son, a husband, and a person.  The many people that you have met within our city are not beneath you, here we are a family and don’t place much value on titles.  We don’t measure our worth in the amount of money in our bank account, we measure it in respect.  You don’t have to stay here, you are free to leave whenever you like.  And if Ashley wants to go to live out her years with an arrogant prick such as yourself, she too is free to leave.  Our lands will sustain our people for a couple of years and this time we will make better choices.  But I will not…cannot allow you to stand on our holy grounds and allow you to continuously degrade my people.  That is not how we do things here, Gethambe!”

            “Did I hit a nerve?” he laughed, stepping down the temple steps.

            “You hit a nerve the day your mother spit you from her womb,” I snapped.

            “Round two of me kicking your ass?” he said as his Canine Crew all began to transform into their beast.  All of them were salivating as they exposed their fangs while growling.

            “There will be no more fighting,” Ashley stated.  “We are family…regardless of the tribe that we are from.”

            “I’ve played this game long enough, Ashley.  Stay in your place and know your role,” Gethambe said to her as he continued to approach me.

            “Gethambe, I’m not a killer but don’t test me,” she snapped at him.

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