But my good mood was soon interrupted as I heard Lilith’s voice.  “Stupid young queen,” she said.  “You are going to die for the crime you committed against Ashley.”  Then she took a seat on the counter as I continued to bathe myself. 

            I pretended to not know what she was talking about.  I knew they didn’t have any proof of my wrongdoings so fuck what she was talking about.  There was no way she could get me to tell on myself…I just wasn’t that damn stupid.

            “Is there something I can help you with, My Lady?” I asked, not even making eye contact with her.  She may be a God, but I lacked respect for any woman who had to fuck their way to the top.

            “Just tell us what you did and die with honor.  I promise to put in a good word for you with my sister wife.  Maybe she would allow your soul to remain here in Edom as a servant for her,” she snickered.

            “My Lady, I have not wronged you in any way.  I would have never harmed Ashley,” I lied with ease.

            Lilith hopped off the counter and made her way to the hot springs where I was bathing.  She took off her clothes and stepped down into the bathing hole and swam over to me.  She took the sponge from my hand and motioned for me to turn my back to her.  Then she soaked the sponge with warm water and squeezed it over my shoulders.  She did this several times before whispering in my ear, “I’m not an enemy that you want to have.”

            “I would never want you as an enemy, My Lady.  I know the importance of having you on my side.  For that reason, I wanted Ashley to be a part of my family.  I would never wish any harm on her,” I said.

            “You’re a foolish queen if you think that I would believe anything that falls from your lips.  You felt threatened when all your sons died, and Ashley became pregnant.  This would cost you your husband and your crown,” she stated, pulling me close to her and kissing me on the back of my neck.

            “Gethambe had promised me that our child would reign equally as king alongside his child with Ashley.  He had also stated I would never lose my position as first wife because I had trained for this and I am a part of the people,” I told her.

            “Was that before or after you tried to get rid of my Ancestor?” she hissed.

            “He disclosed that information while he was deep inside of me and while Ashley lay sleep in her room.  When he came to visit me that morning, he wanted to make love to me and Gethambe told me that he had just left her chambers.  So, riddle me this Lilith, how could I be in two places at one time?” I questioned, as I turned to face my nemesis.

            With a wicked smile on my face, I leaned into the Demi God and gave her a soft, sensual, long, tantalizing kiss.  I even went as far as to wrap my arms around her neck and stick my tongue deep down her throat.  To me, this was the sweetest revenge that I could offer her.  I had left no evidence, and according to my husband’s own mouth, I had no reason to bring harm to my sister wife.

            She pulled away from me and swam back.  “You lie,” she whispered.

            “No, My Lady, you can verify this with my husband.  I was locked in my room and the door was guarded by two of the Canine Crew members.  I cleaned my sons as ordered and prepared their bodies for burial.  When the undertaker came to my room, I handed them to him and took a quick bath.  About an hour or so later, I was laying in the bed with my husband at my side,” I explained.

            “And he will give us that same story?” she questioned.  I could tell that she was becoming irritated with me.  Deep inside of her, she knew that I was being deceitful, but the mounting evidence supported me.  And even if GG had told someone her story, she couldn’t remember it now and none of the elders knew that I dabbled in black magic.  So, there was nothing that they could do to me, and she knew that if Gethambe stated that he was with me when Ashley disappeared, they had to set me free.

            “Yes, My Lady.  I have no reason to bare false witness.  Ashley wasn’t a threat to my children, my crown, or my husband.  I had no reason to cause her any harm,” I explained, swimming over to the steps.

            “Then if not you, who?” she asked.

            I stepped out of the bathing hole and wrapped a towel around my body.  I snapped my fingers and the servant girl came running with another one for Lilith.  As she covered her body and we took a seat on the bench in the bathroom, I put the second part of my plan into motion.

            “How did Ashley end up in Alexandria?”  I asked.  “In a place that you cannot see or visit.”

            She looked out into space and began to concentrate on the lies that were spilling elegantly from my lips.  “So, what are you implying?”

            “Nothing, My Lady.  All I’m saying is that now Ashley is in Alexandria, the lions are beginning to evolve into a higher species.  Remember the warning that little kitty gave Gethambe?  Ashley cannot leave until their lands have reach full rejuvenation.  So, all I’m saying is that they needed her there far more than I needed her gone,” I said with sincerity in my voice. 

            “That’s right,” she agreed.  “But how would they get into Achaemenid?  It’s impenetrable.”

            “We have been under attack for many years,” I said.  “Who know if they have found away to sneak in and out of our compound without notice.  The lions aren’t as naïve as they want us to believe.”

            Again, Lilith heard the words that I was saying and thought about them.  Everything I was saying to her was making sense and there was no reason for her to doubt my authenticity once I revealed to her what Gethambe had promised me. 

            I wanted to pat myself on the back because I couldn’t have planned this shit out better.  Now that I had planted the seed in Lilith’s mind, all I had to do is sit back and wait for all the fireworks to kick off.

            “I am blinded to Alexandria and its location.  Do you know where it is located?” she questioned.

            Playing dumb, I answered, “No My Lady.  I though Alexandria had been destroyed many years ago.  We didn’t even know that the mountain lions resided there.  But that could be the reason why we could never locate their domicile.  The wolves have spent a lot of time trying to search out their home, but we were never able to locate it.  But if I had to guess, I don’t think it would be on the Earth realm.”

            She thought for a minute and said, “I would have to ask Samael.”

            Then I threw in another piece of information to add fuel to the fire.  “My Lady, isn’t Samael the father of Queen Sheba?”

            “Yes.  What of it?”

            “Then wouldn’t he be blinded to Alexandria location as well?  Or maybe he isn’t and just didn’t want you to know that he knew where your daughter was all this time.”

            Lilith’s skin changed to a candy apple red with her eyes matching.  It was quite scary to look at, but I continue to sit on the bench beside her and remained calm.  I even pretended to care.

            “My Lady, are you okay?  Do I need to grab you a glass of water?”

            She didn’t answer.  I could tell she was overcome with rage and she was standing on the peak of her volcano and ready to erupt. 

            I raced over to the bathing hole and grabbed the sponge.  I soaked up the water and then race back over to her.  I squeezed the sponge and allowed the water to trickle out of it and down onto her body.  Lilith’s body was so heated that the water evaporated quickly, turning to steam.

            She stood up and quietly walked out of the bathroom.  I followed her through the mansion until she reached the front door.  Lilith turned and looked at me with pure fury overtaking her body.

            “Edom will not sit quietly today because all hell is about to be unleased.”

            “My Lady,” I said.  “Stay for a spell and let’s talk about this.  You don’t want to upset the Almighty.”

            “The Almighty has cursed my womb and took my only daughter.  My husband knew where she resided and neglected to tell me.  And now, she is being held hostage against her will.  We have nothing more to talk about,” she said angrily. 

            Then she exited the mansion, removing the hex that held me hostage.  I raced up the steps and threw on a simple gown.  I ran back down the steps and out of the front door.  I wanted to see my father, I needed some advice and he was the wisest man I knew.

            As I ran through the streets of Edom, I felt the ground quiver beneath my feet.  The sky had become dark and it had begun to rain.  As children we were taught that when it stormed heavily, and you heard loud thunder, it was due to the Gods fighting.  And from the sound of it, Lilith was giving Samael hell.

            When I arrived at my parents’ home, I beat against the door with all my might.  Once the door opened, I dashed inside and slammed it tightly behind me.  I ran through the house until I located my father and I leaped into his arms.  I just wanted him to hold me.

            “What is it?” he asked concerned.  “How did you get out of solitary confinement?”

            “Daddy,” I cried.  “I’m scared.  I don’t want to die.”

            “Baby girl,” he said.  “What did you do?”

            “Lilith came for a visit and she thinks I had something to do with Ashley’s disappearance.  But I didn’t.  Everything was going great between all three of us.  I had no reason to harm her,” I lied.

            “Then the Gods will see that and set you free,” he answered, holding me close to him and rubbing my hair.  “If you are innocent my child, you have nothing to fear.”

            “I don’t believe a word you’re saying,” my mother chimed in.  “You have brought dishonor to our family and now you want to play like you’re the victim.  With everything in me, I believe that her disappearance was done by your hands and your hands alone.  And when the Gods figure out that you orchestrated this whole thing, you are going to be sentenced to something far worse than death.”

            My father released his grip on me and walked over to my mother.  He looked at her and then raised his hands to the Heavens and brought it down across her face with the strength of the Almighty behind his blow.  My mother went sailing into the wall and then her body fell onto the floor.  At that moment, my father stood over her and began to scold her like a child.

            “Cherish, you will never speak ill of our daughter again.  Even when she’s wrong, she is right.  As a family, we stand strong and support each other.  And if by chance she is lying, know that what she has done, she has learned it from you.  Now, you have two choices.  One, you can run your mouth about what you think you know, and I will kill you.  Or, you can choose option two and get up, shut up, and stand behind what our daughter has told us.  You are not the Almighty and you have no right to judge,” he huffed. 

            My mother didn’t say another word.  With tears running down her eyes, she got up from the floor quietly and made her way to the bathroom.  My father then turned his attention back to me and demanded that I go back to solitary confinement and stick to whatever story I had told them.

            He gave me a kiss on my forehead and told me that he loved me.  With that being said, I made my way back to my prison through the storm and found comfort in my bed.  If the Gods didn’t kill me first, the quietness would.

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