“What the fuck!” I yelled out, waking up. 

      I have been plagued by this aroma that has been filling the air for a couple of days.  The first night I smelled it, my dick hardened with want.  An hour or two later, the scent died down.  But whatever it is, it’s back and the aroma is so strong that I am unable to sleep.

      “Sir,” the chambermaid said.  “Are you okay?”

      “Do I look okay?” I snapped.  My eyes were red as fire, I’m cranky as hell, and here lately, I always look like I have a hangover.  Not to mention that when the smell is at its strongest, my dick is hard as steel, and nothing relieves it.

      “No, Sir,” she answered.  “You look tired.”  After answering, she stood there and waited for a response.

      “I am fucking tired and my dick aches for pleasure,” I yelled at her.

      She didn’t say a word, but immediately began to disrobe.  I looked at her and wasn’t the least bit aroused.  She was too skinny, too pale, and too used up by my father for me to be attracted to her.

      “I can help you with that,” she finally spoke.

      “If my wife can’t handle me, what in the hell makes you think you can?” my tone was harsh.  “Put your clothes on, child, and find me a piece of suitable pussy for me to fuck,” I demanded.  “I like a thick woman who is older but less experienced than you.”

      She picked up her belongings from the floor and scurried away.  As soon as I had a free moment, I was going to replace all the chambermaids with some ladies who haven’t been used up.  I love my father, but I’m not that one for sloppy seconds.   I would never allow my dick to mingle with any of the bitches he fucked.  Besides, my taste in women was totally different from his.  Jabari liked those unhealthy-looking chicks, looking like he had deprived them of food for a couple of months.  I liked a woman with some meat on her bones.  Not too much meat, but enough to grab when I’m digging deep into her.

      Lana wasn’t bad and would be a lot better if she could handle the dick.  I’m still not vibing with her scent, but she’s my wife and we are mated for life.  It almost makes me hate traditions.  Why couldn’t I pick someone that I fell in love with instead of them telling me who I could love?  Lana is a beautiful woman, but I can feel it in every bone in my body that I don’t love her.  But to get my rocks off, I’ll fuck the shit out of that bitch.  One thing about her, I love to hear her scream…that shit makes me cum hard as fuck!

      “FUUUCCKKK!” I yelled out as my dick stiffened.  That aroma was driving me insane with lust.  I had to have one of these women to take care of my problem before I get blue balls.

      I heard the footsteps of the chambermaid and turned to look toward the door.  She was exactly what the doctor ordered.  She was tall, dark-skinned, and voluptuous.  Her walk was elegant and seductive, and those baby-blue eyes yanked my heart right out of my chest.  And what pulled me into her essence was that she smelled pleasing, but not perfect.  I could fuck her without becoming nauseated like I sometimes became with Lana. 

      She bowed her head as she walked through the doorway and held her arms out with her palms up.  She was showcasing her body and I was enjoying the view.  Her breasts were full and appetizing, her hips were thick, and her ass was firm, sitting high.

      “You call for me, My Lord?” she questioned.

      “Remove your clothes and get into bed,” I demanded.

      “With the utmost respect, My Lord, but when the king takes a mistress, he usually takes her in the harlot’s chamber, not in the bed that he shares with his queen,” she informed me meekly, her eyes to the ground.

      “And where might that be?” I inquired. 

      My father never told me about a chamber to fuck my whores in – which reminded me, I needed to ask this bitch if my father had ever fucked her.

      “Before we get started, I need to know if you have ever slept with my father.”

      “I will show you the chamber, follow me,” she directed.  “To answer you second question, no, My Lord, I have never had the pleasure of sleeping with the Elder King.  He didn’t take too kindly to women who were as heavy as me,” she explained, in a sweet and delicate voice.

      I followed the servant girl down the dark hallway and down a spiral flight of stairs.  We walked down a second dark hallway, and arrived at a den with a large, heavy door.  This must be the entrance to the room I was expected to use when mingling with the ladies of pleasure.  She opened the door, stepped inside and politely waited at the doorway for me to enter the room behind her.  Then, she closed the door and ushered me to the bed.

      “Look, I don’t have the time or energy for all that lovey, dovey shit.  I don’t want to marry you, I just want to fuck you.  So, disrobe and lie down,” I commanded.

      She nodded her head and did as she was told.  After she lay in bed, spreading her legs open to me, I stripped out of my pajamas and made my way over to her.  I crawled up to her from the foot of the bed and rubbed my nose in her pussy.  Disappointingly, her scent was annoyingly foul, but more bearable than Lana’s.

      I climbed up to her and laid my body on top of hers, the length of my shaft resting against her stomach.  The pressure gave me some relief from the constant aching of my incessant, everlasting erection.

      When the pain subsided, I reached down and grabbed my manhood in my hand and rubbed its head teasingly against the length of her pussy and against her small, wet clit.  As she became moist with desperate want, I slowly pushed my head into her tight opening.  I was surprised – she was tight for a chambermaid, and it felt like a fight to the finish as I struggled to fit the girth of my thick, swollen hardness into her. 

      She squirmed and yelped, trying to push away from me, but I forcefully pushed deeper into her pussy.  Her tensed tightness strangled my dick, but it only enticed me to push as much of me into her as I possibly could. 

      I could see the pain was killing her, and she whimpered like a wounded pup.  As I fully submerged myself into her wetness, she again desperately tried to push me off her and begged for mercy.

      “Are you a fucking virgin?” I asked her, irritated by her resistance but still holding off the urge to cum as her pussy tightened around my cock like a vice.

      “No,” she cried.  “But you’re enormous… and it hurts so bad.”

      I felt bad for the servant whore, but I needed to bust one nonetheless.  Judging by how tight she was, it wasn’t going to take me long at all. 

      “Just lay here and be still for a minute.  I need to calm myself or I’ll rip you little pussy to shreds,” I warned her.  The chase was the most exciting part about sex for me.

      Heeding my warning, she lay as still as she could aside from her deep, labored breaths.  I tried to control myself, but as I watched her chest heave, her breasts dancing and jiggling under the candlelight, my dick swelled even more, pulsing with lust.

      Without realizing it, I begin to pound into my servant girl viciously.  I was deaf to her cries and blinded to her tears as elation ran rampantly through my veins.  My body was on fire, my balls were tight, my breathing was heavy, and my heart was beating fiercely against my chest. 

      I thrusted into her with an uncontrollable fury, but, as good as she felt, I was not able to cum.  The harder I slammed into her, the louder she howled.  The deeper I dove, the more she resisted me.   My dick swelled, pulsed and shuddered as I pounded into her, but mystifyingly, I couldn’t get any release from this aching pain in my dick.  I couldn’t cum and it was driving me crazy.

      Without warning, I evolved into my beast.  Half man and half wolf, pounding into her with the power of the Gods.  Thankfully, she was wet, tight, and warm – all the things I loved about women; and in my beastly state, I could enjoy these wonderful qualities of hers with a heightened sensitivity.

      As the aroma blew away with the wind, so did my drive to cum.  I slowed my pace until I was able to catch my breath and come to my senses.  I knew that I had to morph back into my human form.

      I looked down onto the maiden, who was terrified of my sexual rage. 

      “As soon as my hardness subsides, I will let you go,” I promised, with a tinge of remorse in my voice. 

      “Yes, My Lord,” she answered; her voice was trembling, and her body quivered slightly beneath mine.

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