I decided to go and check on Serenity, I hadn’t laid my eyes on her sense I snatched her ugly ass from Bullet and Gethambe.  It repulsed me to smell Ashley all over her body.  I couldn’t give her to Lucas fast enough.

            I walked to her room and flung the door open.  I saw her body jump so I knew then that she was playing sleep.  I walked over to the bed and asked her once, in my nice voice, to get up and bow before her queen.  The insubordinate bitch ignored me and continued to play possum.

            Rage grew in me like a wildfire.  So, I snatched the covers back off her body and grabbed a hand full of her hair and drug her ass out of the bed.  She was yelling and kicking wildly, trying to free herself from my grip.  But I had wrapped her long hair around my wrist and drug her into the living room. 

            The servant girls came running from their quarters and waited for me to let her loose before running to her side.  They held her close to their bosoms and cried with her while I laughed.

            “You are so ugly,” I laughed.  “Look at you.  You’re black with nappy hair just like Ashley.  No wonder she loves you,” I said, tickled to death by her appearance.

            “Why do you hate me?” she cried.  “I am your daughter.  I came from your womb.”

            I immediately stopped laughing and perfected my bitch face.  “Oh god, please don’t remind me,” I said to her.

            “What did I do to you, Mother?” she questioned.

            Hearing her voice pissed me the fuck off.  So, just like my father slapped the shit out of my mother, I slapped slob from Serenity’s mouth.  “Never refer to me as your mother,” I warned her.  “I hate you with every drop of blood in him body.  The gods should have taken you instead of my boys.  You are the devil,” I told her, as my body started shaking in anger.

            I didn’t see her as my daughter.  She was an abomination from hell, the seed of Lucifer himself.  She didn’t look anything like me, she resembled Ashley.  Seeing that repulsed me even more.

            She had blood spilling from her mouth.  When I looked down onto my beautiful white carpet and saw that drops of blood were on it, my anger reached an all new high.  As the servant girls scurried about the room to gather cleaning supplies and bandages, I grabbed Serenity by her hair and mushed her face down into her own bloody mess.

            “Look at what you did to my carpet!” I yelled.

            She cried and yelled out for someone to help her.  “God please!” she cried.  “Please help me!”

            “There is no god here.  Just me,” I snapped.

            As those words escaped my lips, I heard Serenity’s voice, but it was deep and demonic.  “You will pay for all the pain you have caused me.  All I wanted from you was love and all your offered me was pain.  Your reign on this world ends tonight.”

            She stood up and looked at me with cherry red eyes.  Her hair was blowing wildly, but there was no wind, and her skin was a black as midnight.  I watched as her face shifted, it was a cross between a cat and a wolf.  She extended her golden claws and prepared herself for battle.

            “As your father once said to me, I’m too much of a cat to be fucked by a pussy,” I laughed.  I pulled my hair up into a sloppy knot, kicked off my heels, and half shifted into my wolf.  “Bring it on bitch.”

            She came toward me at top speed, her teeth were extended along with her claws.  She moved so quickly that I could barely see her.  But when my eyes were able to focus, she was already in the air and coming down onto me. 

            Her fist slammed into my face knocking me down onto the ground, then she yanked me up onto my feet and planted her knee into my side, not once, not twice…but three times.  With each impact I could feel a rib crack, making it hard for me to breathe.  And with a quick kick to my mid-section, my body flung into the wall.

            I became dizzy as I felt the warm sensation of my blood dribble down my face.  I was losing a battle that I hadn’t even began to fight.  She was quick, strong, and fierce.  I realized that I had underestimated Serenity.

            She raced toward me and slammed her body into mine, then grabbed me by my arm and flipped me forward over her shoulder.  As my body slammed hard onto the floor, she began to power drive blow, after blow into my side.  The pain was unbearable, and I could feel my spirit slipping slowly away.

            “I gave you every opportunity to treat me like your child,” I heard her say.  “And you took every opportunity to treat me like the enemy.  So, now I have to beat your ass like a common bitch on the street.  You will regret the day that you turned your back on me.”

            She didn’t know it, but I already did.  I had walked down the path of death and destruction for so long that I couldn’t remember what it felt like to do right.  As she continued to slash the life from my body, I saw scenes of my life pass before my eyes.

            I remembered all the hugs that my father gave me and how proud I made him as I excelled in school.  I remembered playing in the rain and feeling those soft drops as they hit my face.  I remembered the day I was given the news that I was to marry Gethambe and become the queen of our society.  I remembered the day we married and him taking my virginity.  I thought that we were going to be together forever.  And I remembered the day I gave birth to Serenity and prepared my sons bodies for burial.  And I will never forget the woman who stepped into our lives and stole my life from me.  I was ready to leave this life of deceit and betrayal.  My soul needed to rest, and I knew as long as I walked this earth, it would never find peace.

            Serenity stood me up on to my feet and held me by the back of my neck.  I heard the elevator door open and I saw a glimpse of Lucas as he rushed in to to save me.  But he was too late.  I felt a sharp pain in my back and then my spirit shifted from my body.  As I turned to see what had happened, I saw Serenity holding my body in one hand and my spine in the other.  She had reached inside of my human body and ripped my spine out.  I knew then that she was a force to be reckoned with.


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