The Mad King Abrey

After watching that hideous battle between Lucas and Gethambe, I shimmered back down into the Underworld.  I had other shit that I needed to worry about…like my daughter that Lilith tortures on a daily basis.

            I have been watching over my seed since her spirit had been denied entrance into Heaven.  Her happy-ever-after was snatched from her when Samael gave her as a gift to Lilith.  Its true that her devious deeds against Ashley and Serenity awarded her a life a servitude, but nobody understands the fact that Gethambe wronged her first. 

            Regardless, I admire her heart and her wickedness.  Her darkened heart has made her old man happy.  And with a little help from me, I can upgrade her to a whole new level of bitchiness.  I can help her perfect her sinful intention and elevate her position in the Underworld.  If she would be willing to follow my lead, I can mold her into a force to be reckoned with.  I can bargain with Lucifer by leading his army for another couple of decades if he would be willing to make my daughter the Queen of the Damned.  Yeah, its going to take some patience on her part because Lucifer is a brut to all his wives.  But if she could wiggle her way into the number one spot, we all can be well rewarded.

            I was waiting patiently for Samael and his entourage to leave and go topside.  Hell was not a place that his whores like to visit.  It reminded them that they too have been condemned to a life of destitute.  Although they lived a lavish lifestyle here, they hated knowing that their souls would always be tied to Hell.  But since Samael took them under his wing and married each one of them, they were sort of protected, especially Lilith. 

            Being the grate father that I am, I allowed Lilith to have her fun with Lana.  I needed them to break her spirits and show her how it feels to be powerless.  Doing so will teach her to respect the power that she will yield being the Queen of the Damned.  Also, being punished day in and day out will harden her heart which will make executing any and all orders without emotions.

            Because I loved Cherish and respected my Dark Lord, I released Lana to her mother and watched as they lived a privileged, pampered life on the earth.  Cherish allowed that sorry ass husband of hers to teach Lana how to give respect without being respected; how to humble herself, doing to other’s as you will have them do unto you, and how to be seen and not heard.  Cherish and Pax are the reasons why my daughter is as weak as she is.

            Although my heart is cold, and I lack emotions, there is a warm, soft spot for my daughter.  Unlike her brother, I know that she will eventually embrace the dark-side.  When she gives herself to Lucifer, she will no longer lust for power because she will hold a lot of it in her tiny, frail hands.

            I slipped into the luxurious home of Lilith and her sister-wives to make contact with my seed.  As I walked down the hallway, I found my daughter on her hands and knee’s being fucked savagely by Samael as Lilith and the sister-wives looked on.  Lana was screaming as he pounded irately inside her tiny frame.  He had her hair wrapped tightly around his one wrist and the other hand imbedded deep into her waist. 

            As Samael rode my daughter hard, rage build up in my body.  But this wasn’t the time for me to mount my attack.  Instead, I allowed him to finish his dirty deed as Lilith and her crew egged him on.

            “Make the bitch cry!” I heard Lilith say.

            “Choke the deceitfulness from her body,” Na’amah laughed.

            “Teach this treacherous bitch a lesson, Samael!” Agrat bat Mahlat joined in.

            But I didn’t hear anything come from Eisheth Zenunim.  She watched as her husband brutually raped Lana, she didn’t join in with her sister-wives, but she didn’t stop Samael either.

            When he finished his heinous hate crime against my daughter, he stood up and waited patiently for his wives to run to him and suck his dick clean.  All of them were devouring Lana’s cream from his semi-hard hardness.  As they finished, and he redressed himself, he used his foot and kicked Lana to the floor.

             “My home isn’t clean, you worthless bag of walking skin,” he snapped.

            Lana apologized to Samael and picked up a toothbrush and began to scrub the floor.  My heart shattered into a million pieces as I looked at my daughter.  Her clothes were worn, her body was covered in black and blues bruises, and with the repeated rapes…her soul had been conquered.

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