I was laying in our king size bed, engulfed in the plush comforter with my legs wide open.  I was patiently waiting for my Aden to ravish my body and show me Heaven.  Knowing that he was going to enter my sweetness made my heart race enthusiastically with anticipation.  Since we had renewed our vows and recommitted ourselves to each other, every time we make love, my body surrenders completely to him. 

      “I want to taste you, Jazz,” he whispered, crawling onto the bed and positioning himself between my legs. 

      Then, he began to gently kiss my inner thighs while intermittingly bathing them with his tongue.  Against my skin, his tongue felt like silk and the slightest touch of his wandering fingers send powerful waves of desire racing through my body.

      I heard myself moan softly; I could feel the juices between my legs flow, and my heart pounding against my chest.  His mental foreplay was just as enticing as his expert fingers and tongue.  He ran his fingers up my leg until he found the hidden treasure he was so anxiously searching for.  Slowly, he inserted his middle finger and began to thrust it into me gradually.  As I began to gyrate my hips, he used his mouth to suck passionately on my lady.  With every tug, lick, and suck, I felt her swell and throb between his lips.

      “Uhm, Baby,” I moaned, enjoying this slow, stimulating ride into ecstasy.  “Give it to me.  Make her cream,” I begged, digging my fingers into his hair and pulling him closer to my secret garden.

      My words egged him on, and I could feel as he became more aggressive, nibbling on my lady and then devouring her fervently.  I increased the rhythm as I twirled my hips against his lips, and tugged his head closer, moaning uncontrollably.

      As my juices began to flow and my body quivered, he pulled away.  I looked at his smiling face, with my cream decorating his beard, and motioned for him to climb onto me.  Aden wasted no time in indulging me, positioning his body on top of mine.  As I licked my juices from his face, he used his hardness to stroke my sensitive nub.  I ground softly against it, teasing him with my sex, wanting to make him desperate to enter me.

      “Give it to me, Baby,” I whispered in between the kissing.

      Before he entered me, he taunted my clit one last time with the head of his dick.  Then, as he pushed into me, my sweetness stretched and sucked him into me.  Aden closed his eyes and held his breath for a few seconds, relishing the feeling of my heated pussy around his plentiful girth.  As he lay motionless inside of me, I felt his hardness pulsate, throbbing heatedly with desire.  Wanting to feel his desperate, pulsing manhood deeper inside of me, I arched my back, wrapped my legs around him, and began to grind him into me.

      He was slow, gentle, and sensual.  He ran his hand up and down my side, occasionally stopping at my breasts for a gentle and tantalizing squeeze. 

      God, he felt so good inside of me.

      I tightened my pelvis and increased my speed.  My breathing was labored, my heart racing a marathon as my body ached to release on him.  Aden was huffing, his stroke increasingly thunderous, and his destination…euphoria.  Our bodies were working overtime trying to satisfy each other, and I had no complaints with how Aden was doing.  He battered so fiercely against my secret garden that his balls were also pounding savagely against my ass. 

      “Fuck me!” I screamed.  “Make me cum all over your fucking dick!”

      I felt my blood burn underneath my skin as Aden pushed my body over the edge with his passionate lovemaking.  He pulled one of my legs up and powered into my sweetness until my body surrendered to what felt like an earth-shattering release.  I convulsed, tearing into the sheets underneath me with my fingernails.

      As my warm juices engulfed my pussy and soaked his manhood, he couldn’t hold back any longer either – erupting into me like an explosive volcano.  His body jerked, his toes curled, and then he collapsed onto me.  The endeavor had taken all the energy Aden had.  He was exhausted.

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