The crowd was going wild.  I pulled away and stood in front of her, bouncing my dick to the song.  I was drowning in a sea of sensation now.

      “Do him!  Do him!”

      The screams were fueling the ecstasy, and the Patron was kicking my body into full whoreism.  My dick was rock hard and ready to play.  I took off my tie and had Aden come and tie Amber’s hands behind her back.  Then I assisted her in getting out of her chair and onto her knees.  “How far are you willing to go, Amber?” I asked.

      “All the way!” she announced, making the crowd go wild.

      I made sure there were plenty of eyes watching and ears listening to us before asking, “Are you drunk?”

      “No,” she replied.

      Cleared to go, I pointed to the bottle of champagne sitting in the bucket for Josiah to bring to me.  I popped it open, causing Amber to jump.  I pulled my now hard dick out of its hiding place and stroked it slowly for the crowd to see.

      “Head back, Amber, and open your mouth.”

      “Fuck me, this is hot!” she yelled.

      “Go, Amber, go!”

      The ladies were going wild, tossing hundred-dollar bills towards me.  I held the bottle of champagne in one hand and my dick in the other.  I thumped it against her bottom lip while she tried to lick it with her tongue.

      I started to pour the champagne on my dick slowly and watched as she sipped it from the head.  At times she took part of me into her mouth and others, she licked ferociously to catch every single drop.

      The feeling was intense.  The softness of her lips and the wetness of her mouth pushed my body into overdrive.  When Aden grabbed the bottle from my hand, I placed my hand on the back of Amber’s head and forced as much of my dick as I could into her mouth.

      She moaned and sucked to the pace of my stride.  With the ecstasy increasing the sensation for her mouth, I wanted more.

      I pulled out, and asked, “All the way, Amber?”

      “ALL THE FUCKING WAY!” she yelled excitedly.

      “You’re a bad girl, aren’t you?” I laughed.  I tugged the wedding veil she was wearing suggestively.  “Ready for some punishment?”

      “OH, HELL YEAH!”

      At my signal, Josiah and Aden picked her up from the floor and positioned her body to where she was leaning over the back of a chair with her arms still tied behind her back.  Then Aden grabbled a scarf form one of her friends and blindfolded the bride to be.

      I stood behind her and raised her dress for all the see her ass.  Ironically, “Let Me Love You” by Mario was rolling out.  Going with the beat, I tore her panties from her body and waited.

      Baby, I just don’t get it, do you enjoy being hurt?

      Slap!  I spanked her ass.

      I know you smelled the perfume,

      Slap!  I hit it again.

      The make-up on his shirt.

      Slap!  A third hit.

      As her ass turned two shades of pink, the crowd went wild, yelling, “Give her another one!” and “Go, Amber, Go!”

      When I felt she was ready, Aden handed me a condom.  Covered with protection, I spanked her ass a couple of more times using my dick and then I leaned against her.  “Do you really want to do this?”

      “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she yelled over the music, laughing with anticipation.

      “I don’t know, Amber,” I teased, placing my dick between her cheeks and humping.

      “Please!  Fuck this pussy raw!” she begged.

      I plunged into her, piercing her core.  She was squalling, creaming all over my cock.  I pulled out and slammed back in.  Then I did it again and again.

      The harder I rammed my dick into her, the louder she screamed.  The louder she screamed, the more money her friends threw at us.  The more money they threw at us, the deeper I went.  Her shit was tight and hugging my dick like a choker.

      Even so, I wasn’t really feeling it.  I closed my eyes and thought about Adele and wished she was this damn freaky with me.  At that, I could feel my dick swell with lust pulsating through my body.

      “I’m cumming!” The would-be bride was yelling, her body rippling frantically, pulling me in and fucking her harder and faster.

      “Amber!  Amber!  Amber!”  Her friends clapped and laughed.

      Hearing the chanting pushed me over the edge.  I exploded with an earth-shattering roar.  I pulsed, pumping into her with sharp, staccato thrusts, emptying myself.  Then, finally done, I pulled out of her, exhausted.  And the crowd went wild.

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